Targeting the Visually Impaired with Braille Burgers!

Here is a company who knows how to use Social Media to their advantage. They did something exceptionally unique in order to be “seen” in the crowd.

Wimpy Burgers in South Africa, a little known burger joint, wanted to get their name out to the masses, and used a very unusual method of marketing.

Along with increasing their burger sales, they wanted to provide extra service to their visually impaired customers by providing menus in braille. As not many fast food restaurants offer braille menus, this was definitely a new market that they were targeting. As part of this unusual campaign, Wimpy Burgers only told 15 people about their new menus and burgers. So how did that spread virally to 800,000 visually impaired customers?

They baked 15 hamburger buns which had the words “100% Pure Beef Burger Made for You.” spelled out in Braille by using sesame seeds. The 15 customers who read the braille message, which was targeted specifically to them, were so impressed that they passed the message on through social media, newsletters and word of mouth. Within days, business was booming. Not bad for a business that was virtually unheard of!

Sometimes you have to be a bit creative in order to get your name out. You can spend hours blogging and sending messages to your customers, or you can get others to do it for you, like Wimpy Burgers did. Sometimes it pays to think outside the box!

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