Are you looking for ways to improve sales that won’t blow the budget?

You can’t beat Word of Mouth referrals. Here are some recommendations of how to get and keep word of mouth spreading.

1. Always provide excellent  customer service.

This is where a small business has an advantage over a larger business. The personal touch. Make sure your business is inviting and welcoming. Treat all customers with respect, courtesy and always be polite. Treat them how you would hope to be treated. Make sure your high level of customer service is always consistent. As soon as it stops, so will word of mouth referrals.

2. Good communication

Make it easy for your customers to contact you. If they can’t reach you, they will look to the next business for service. Make sure your website has an easy to find Contact button. Make sure your voice mail is not full. Respond quickly to phone calls and emails. Don’t leave them hanging. You should have all the necessary services such as phone, voice mail, call forwarding, email with instant reply activated, and a website with all your contact information, possibly even a Q&A section for commonly asked questions.

3. Engage customers on social media.

Information spreads like wildfire on social media, so it’s an important way to get your name out. Set up a Facebook business page or set up a Twitter account. Send out information that is relevant to your business, not your personal life. Ensure that the information is sent on a regular, timely basis. Don’t overwhelm your customers with too much information; once or twice a week is sufficient. Social Media works like the old shampoo commercial “She told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on, and so on.” And in no time, you will have several followers and potentially several new customers.

4. Monitor your online reputation.

Once you have your social media, websites and other online information set up, be sure to monitor what is being said about your business. Should anything negative be written, you can respond in a timely manner and rebuff any negative comments that may occur and answer any questions that arise.  You can use Twitter Search and Google to help you search for any comments that are written outside of your website.

5. Give Back

Help out around your community – sponsor an event, donate items or money to a charity group, work on community organizations. You will often receive signage and a name mention if you do this. A company that gives to others may find that they see a return from their generosity.

Word of Mouth is a simple, effective way to get your name out. If you work on the strategies above, you should find that your business will improve. There is no greater marketing tool than to hear from a friend “I used (your business name) and they were great to work with.” More often than not, the referred friend will use your services as well. 

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